Restorations Services for Hospitality and Resorts


You know it when you experience the finer things in life. The joy of custom furnishings in your home is much like the thrill of savoring the best wines or the finest food. As our name reflects, Five Star Design Gallery is the trusted choice for privately commissioned refurbishments of treasured family heirlooms like yours.

Regardless of your individual tastes, our Design Gallery serves you with the same goal that we
have for all of our clients; to restore valued older furniture to like new condition.
Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic our consultants
match your preferences with our unique designer fabrics and fine wood
finishes for the treasured furnishings that you love. Whether restoring
original finishes or creating fresh custom finishes by replacing
upholstery or fabricating slipcovers and pillows, we can create
a whole new dynamic for your home.

Regardless of its nature – your vintage antiques, your impulsive
bargains, or even mom's old chair, every restoration is
accomplished with master craftsmanship.

Design Gallery blends experience and passion to make you feel
that your furnishings are on the list of the finer things in life.

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