What are the services that Five Star Restorations provides to the hospitality industry?

Five Star provides furniture refinishing, upholstery, stone resurfacing and F F & E services nationwide. .

Our design staff would like to make wood color changes rather than buying new furniture in order to save money, is this something Five Star can do?

Yes, this is a request we see many times, and very often with a site visit to inspect the grade of wood, color samples and a consultation with all appropriate parties, Five Star is able to make your old worn furniture come alive with a new color change.

What if we are a small property and we need to make our casegoods last another year or so, is there something that Five Star can do to make our furniture look good again – on a budget?

Yes, there are several options. Depending on the condition of the casegoods and the size of the budget, we can: Touch-up, re-laminate tops, etc. Please call or email us to discuss the different solutions available.

We have upholstered panels in our ballroom, can you reupholster these type of walls?

Yes, Five Star has teams that can upholster paneled walls as well as chairs, lounge chairs, sofas, loveseats, benches, booths and more. We’ve upholstered many grand ballrooms and meeting rooms as well as large public spaces.

We are in the process of selecting a new vendor, what makes Five Star Restorations better than the rest?

We’d like to show you! Give us a model room to re-do and let us dazzle you with a sample of our work, our experience, our attention to detail.

Our lobby stone floors and our bathroom marble vanities, are scratched and dull, can you bring back the shine?

Yes, Five Star Restorations uses a process in which we diamond grind the stone to it’s natural shine, as well as smoothing out the scratches and the wear and tear of the stone. This system gives the surface a much longer lasting natural shine. Few vendors employ our system, they would rather burn the stone with acid for temporary shine.

We have a busy hotel where we sellout frequently – how long will rooms be out of service, if I am having the casegoods refinished?

Clearly the amount of work being done in each room would dictate some of the time allotment. But our crews work in a production fashion from set-up to prep, through technical and tear down. Typically, 8-10 rooms on the same floor can be completed in one day and returned to service the next day.

How much of my staff needs to be involved with a renovation project?

For in-room casegoods restoration, typical housekeeping, light dusting, detailing, perhaps resetting amenities applies once we are finished. We thoroughly protect the guestrooms and will remove all project related materials once we have completed our work.

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